Cute cats and critters in the Cotswolds

Although I'm not a fan of zoos (much prefer to see animals in the wild), I live nearby to the Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens and visit occasionally for camera practice on animals a bit more interesting than my domestic moggies.

Nikon D500 at 600mm, 1/1250sec @ f/6.3, ISO 2500

Recently the Park’s Asiatic Lions, Rana and Kanha, produced their first litter of cubs - triplets named Kali, Sita and Sonika.  

Despite it being a damp and drizzly day I managed to get a few shots of the cubs playing in the grass of their enclosure before the weather turned for the worse and rain stopped play.

Using a slow zoom over long focal lengths meant using higher ISO's than I would have liked to keep the shutter speed up but I had a few shots I liked. More for a record of the day than a wall-hanger though.

As the light fell further and the rain steadily increasing I headed toward the dry and warm reptile house in the hope the showers would pass. (Unfortunately this did not turn out to be the case!)

To photograph some of the cold-bloodied residents I switched to using my D750 body with 70-200mm f/4 lens.  Although a fast lens would be preferable in the dark of the reptile house, carrying a smaller f/4 lens is more comfortable for a day out and with the slower moving animals and shorter focal lengths, slower shutter speeds were still possible.

Nikon D750 at 155mm, 1/100sec @ f/4, ISO 450

Nikon D750 at 145mm, 1/100sec @ f/4, ISO 3600

Nikon D750 at 145mm, 1/100sec @ f/4, ISO 3600

The D750 worked well in the low light and the clean files at high ISO numbers combined with the lens' vibration reduction meant I could still get reasonably high shutter speeds and more keepers.  
I am quite pleased with the snake image, you can just about see his tongue tasting the air for the scent of Nikon.

The park is a nice place to visit with lovely gardens and animals in wide open spaces (the crash of rhinos live on the main lawn!) and I would highly recommend it for a family day out, hopefully when the sun is shining though!

Here are a few other shots from the day...